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Top Swimming Coach and Herbalife24 Nutrition

Jacco Verhaeren is currently the Sporting Director of the Dutch swimming team and Technical director of the Nationaal Zweminstituut Eindhove( National Training Centre).

He is looking for ways in which he can help his swimmers improve performance which is why he became interested in Herbalife24 Performance Nutrition.

Optimal athletic perfomance isnt just about natural talent or relentless training. Its about nutrition. Optimal performance can only be achieved by fuelling your body at the cellular level.

Herbalife 24 is being used by elite athletes to boost muscle growth,  recovery, circulation, energy efficency and the resilience of muscle fibres.

David Beckham To Stay At Los Angeles Galaxy

Beckham’s five-year contract with the Major League Soccer side expired last month and he had been linked with a move to Paris St Germain.
However, the 36-year-old has now signed a new two-year deal with the Galaxy, with whom he won the 2011 MLS Cup.

The LA Galaxy start their pre-season campaign next week and return to competitive action on March 7 when they travel to face Toronto FC in the first leg of their 2011/12 CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final.

Their first game of the 2012 MLS season is on Saturday, March 10 at home to Real Salt Lake.

New Creatine And Nitric Oxide Supplement

Compelling Performance Requires Preparation

Working muscles require oxygen-rich blood. Developed with Nobel Laureate Lou Ignarro, Herbalife24 Prepare supports healthy blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles during exercise* A precursor system of L-arginine, L-citrulline and ornithine akg (alpha-ketoglutarate) supports blood flow to working muscles. Andgold-standard creatine monohydrate supports intense muscular contractions to further power your workouts.

Take Herbalife24 Prepare before workouts to support blood flow to working muscles. Contains Nitric Oxide and Creatine.

Weight lifters seeking peak performance, fitness enthusiasts looking for an enhanced workout, and endurance athletes preparing for aerobic training sessions will feel the benefits of Prepare.

Fast facts on Herbalife 24 Prepare

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutrition for Soccer | Herbalife for La Galaxy

The LA Galaxy are the 2011 MLS Cup Champions. The Galaxy scored the only goal in the championship match against the Houston Dynamo, securing the 2011 MLS Cup with a 1-0 victory.

The LA Galaxy are presented by Herbalife, a global network nutrition company.

Herbalife 24 – Are you a 24 hour athlete?

Herbalife 24

Herbalife 24 is the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day.

This new range of products is a science-based performance nutrition line consisting of seven premium products designed to meet the needs of the 24-Hour Athlete™, and anyone who lives a healthy, active life.

Being an athlete is a lifestyle and one that requires dynamic nutrition that adapts to your training schedule. With Herbalife 24™ Herbalife has created a performance nutrition program that can be customized based on your body’s specific needs as they change day by day.

This is the world’s first nutrition program that can be personally tailored by each individual athlete – and it can take training, performance and recovery to the next level.

Herbalife24™ Overview

  • Herbalife24™ is the first comprehensive nutrition program for the 24-Hour Athlete™
  • Products designed for professional athletes and suitable for anyone who leads an active life
  • Herbalife24™ products contain the highest-quality ingredients, with formulas based on proven science
  • Every product is tested by an independent lab for banned substances
  • Customizable nutrition program based on each athlete’s specific needs
  • All natural colors, flavors and sweeteners

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