Energy, Sport & Fitness

The benefits of Energy, Sports and Fitness with Herbalife

At Herbalife, we’re passionate about fuelling our bodies with the right types of food and energy to get the best out of it. Whether you’re just starting an exercise programme, or you’re a fitness fanatic, the Herbalife range can be adapted to suit your energy needs, is convenient for when you’re on the move, and tastes great!

Products to revitalise the body

Herbalife24 ™ is a customizable, 24-hour nutrition program that is as dynamic as your schedule. Created by performance athletes, it is a performance nutrition program that can be tailored daily according to your training regimen. We offer advanced performance nutrition to optimize your training and recovery. Soon, you’ll find out what you can accomplish with innovative, comprehensive nutrition support.

H3O Pro™ Isotonic drink – A scientifically-formulated isotonic drink for optimal hydration with carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy so you get the most out of your performance. Suitable for intense exercise and the serious athlete.

Products to revitalise the mind

Liftoff® Energy drink – Energises and helps alleviate the feeling of tiredness with vitamins B and C plus added caffeine and taurine.

N.R.G Nature’s Raw Guarana – To help you stay alert and focused to combat the feeling of mental fatigue.

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