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Carbohydrate Drink

Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition was developed for use by Team Herbalife 24 professional teams and athletes. Teams such as Barcelona FC. Its now available for use by elite amateur athletes. The nutritional benefits in Herbalife24 products can increase energy, improve endurance, provide focus and speed up recovery.

One of the products referred to in the video is called Prolong which is carbohydrate drink. During extended or intense exercise, Prolong provides a dual-source carbohydrate blend and electrolytes for immediate and sustained energy. And a small amount of whey protein which acts as a protective measure, reducing muscle breakdown during prolonged exercise. Also B Vitamins to support carbohydrate metabolism. and Vitamin C helps combat free-radical damage from pollution,  stress, diet, sunlight and other factors.

Increase your workouts and blast past your competition with this his new advanced Herbalife 24 Prolong formula.

“Prolong allows me to do more intense training and longer endurance training”

“‘Prolong has really been the big difference. Before I had gel, bars, bananas and a lot of things in my pockets, when I was racing. Now, Prolong gives me everything I need during the race. This helps me to concentrate and focus on the biking, and not think about when to eat and how’.

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